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It's a Wind-Solar power station, It's a Car Port , It's Giraffe

The Giraffe 2.0 wind-solar power station is ready to charge anything from your e-vehicle to your home with wind and solar energy. It is comprised of a wooden structure supporting 24 solar modules as well as a wind turbine mounted at a 12 metre height. The design of the solution was released in 2…

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Solar and wind-powered sea vehicle

C-Enduro is a long endurance autonomous surface vehicle used to safely and cost effectively collect data at sea. Built to operate in all marine environments, C-Enduro uses energy harvesting technology combined with an efficient self-righting hull.

C-Enduro’s unprecedented payload capacity and…

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Ecocapsule, A self-sustainable smart house powered solely by solar and wind energy

Ecocapsule, A self-sustainable smart house powered solely by solar and wind energy

Imagine !!! A warm mountain cabin in the great outdoors. A beach cabana on a remote island. A quiet studio in the countryside. A geeky hotel pod near your house. A spot for your loud teenager. Imagine an oppor…

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Pavagada Solar Park- Karnatka

Pavagada Solar Park is a solar park spread over a total area of 13,000 acres (53 km2) in Pavagada taluk, Tumkur district, Karnataka. 500 MW of power may be commissioned by December 2017, and a further 1,500 MW by September 2018. The total investment required to build 2,000 MW of capacity was est…

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Sunflower- All in one solar power system

Smartflower is a AUSTRIA BASED COMPANY, it product Smartflower is a Hybird Solar Power Plant, i.e it have benefits of both On-Grid and OFF- Grid Solar Power Plant. It can sync the power generated from solar panels with grid and with integrated battery banks, it can store power for night. With …

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What type of Solar Panels should be refuse?

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The Price of solar power is decreasing every year and makes new low like every third or fourth month. But still itn't the the cheapest thing to buy. After deciding for buying this source of electrical energy called solar power plant…

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How did Diwali (2017), effect the solar power generation in India? | CASE STUDY

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Every year the festive of lights called Diwali, is celebrated in India and around the world with millions of lights shining on housetops and crackers.

And every year the pollution level of Delhi rise beyond …

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Portable Solar Power Plant

Renovagen is a UK based company, specialized in innovative clean-tech solutions by inventing, developing and deploying revolutionary new concepts in renewable energy systems.

They developed, Rapid Roll “T” which is a portable solar power system for harvesting of electrical energy from flexib…

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Basic of Solar Panels

What is Solar panel?

As most you know that solar panels are used to harvest electricity from sun light.

Solar panels is made by array of solar cells (i.e. parallel and series combinations of solar cell). Since solar cells are very vulnerable (i.e. easy to break), this array of solar cell …

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Are you thinking about introducing into the solar industry? An awesome tip to enter into the solar industry.


So you're thinking of starting a business in the solar industry.



Hopefully this is the start of an exciting new venture in your life that you'll look back on years from now as the best decision you ever made.

On this page, you'll find the first most impo…

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