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Fastest way to make PV Layout in AutoCAD

Solar industry is the third fasted growing industry in the world and soon it will become the second fastest growing industry. But day by day more and more peoples are joining this industry and soon competition will become tougher and tougher. Making layout of PV panels in AutoCAD, consume lots…

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Stella Lux, solar powered family Car

A Netherland based company Solarteameindhoven made the world first energy positive solar powered family car solar.

Stella Lux, the energy positive family car. This means she is so efficient that she generates more energy than she consumes during the entire year, even in weather conditions as …

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Mobil-watt- free moving solar energy system


Ecosunexpert is a France based Solar company, which developed a portable solar power plant, that can be carry is a container called Mobil-watt.

As a self -contained mobile container, Mobil-Watt is a plug-in photovoltaic stand-alone system that can be used in just two hours.


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Get 30% more solar energy

Get 30% more solar energy and filtered water with this revolutionary solar tracker

SunSaluter, Inc is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States with staff in India and deployments in 19 countries. It is also the name of the flagship technology which the organization devel…

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