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Solar Hat - Charge Your Phone

The Purpose of this blog is not to compare the quality of any product, but to show the creative ideas from around the world 

The SOLSOL Solar Hat is a "Battery-Free" solar powered charger, which extends the battery life and charges the battery of your iPhone, Android cell phone and other mobile devices.

Paul and Edward (founders of Unique Creative Ideas (UCI) and inventors of the SOLSOL™ hat) say “The Sun delivers enough solar energy every hour, to power everything on the Earth for an entire year. Solar technology is getting better all the time, it’s time we take advantage and begin creating more personal applications for this clean and reliable tech. We need to go SOLAR! The SOLSOL Hat is SAFE. It is light weight, comfortable and water resistant”


  1. High efficiency MONOCRYSTALLINE solar cells.
  2. Battery-Free & Safe no electromagnetic radiation
  3. Proprietary and patent pending regulator (LXTSOL) regulates a constant 5V output.
  4. Compatible with most 5V USB Smart Devices
  5. Proprietary and patent pending solar panels designed to look and feel like the stylish 5, 6 and 7 panel Snapback baseball hats.
  6. Clean & Renewable Energy Panels will last over 25 years if maintained with minimal care

Together, Edward and Paul have decades of experience in software, technology, and solution products for companies ranging from top Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. They have created and successfully delivered well-known brands such as Hot Wheels, He-Man & The Masters of the Universe and The Original Grip Ball. They have successfully launched numerous products and are successful entrepreneurs with an excellent and successful track record in delivering consumer products to market. The SOLSOL™ hat is the first of many products; UCI's mission is to continue to deliver safe SOLAR Solutions for the everyday person, at an affordable price


On March, 2018 almost 30,000 farmers and members of tribal communities from across Maharashtra had covered a distance of more than 180 km on foot to call their demands before the Maharashtra government.

During there protest some framers kept tablet-sized solar panel with them (sometime on their head) to prevent their phones from running out of battery life, on this long journey of 180kM. They were solar panels and the farmers were seen charging their phones using these devices.



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