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Solar and wind-powered sea vehicle

C-Enduro is a long endurance autonomous surface vehicle used to safely and cost effectively collect data at sea. Built to operate in all marine environments, C-Enduro uses energy harvesting technology combined with an efficient self-righting hull.

C-Enduro’s unprecedented payload capacity and power enables the use of a combination of payloads during any one mission. Use of the C-Enduro can dramatically reduce the cost of data collection by removing the need for traditional survey vessels.

Use of mission planning and waypoint setting can often result in a more accurate dataset.


Key Features

30+ days endurance

Data transmission for sensor and vehicle data

Optional advanced collision avoidance capability

Low operating costs (per mile, per data point)

Large payload capacity (>0.25m³ with option to expand to 0.4 m³, over 200W continuous power)

Diesel, solar, and wind power options

Diesel generator provides assured power for propulsion and payloads in all environmental conditions

Below water sensors can be mounted below the deck, on the keel and/or winch

Mast suitable to house weather sensors and camera suites

Over the horizon operations using broadband satellite communications



Metocean and oceanographic data collection

Renewable energy surveys

Marine construction support

Environmental surveys e.g. CO2 monitoring

Seismic support e.g. passive acoustic monitoring

Data gateway e.g. AUV/ROV/Glider to satellite

Security and situational awareness


Technical specification

Length - 4.75m

Beam - 2.22m

Height - 3.43m

Draft - 0.52m keel up

Weight - 910kg lightship

Propulsion - 2 x DC brushless motors

Speed - Up to 6.5 knots

Endurance - 30+ days depending on power configuration, latitude and time of year

Control - ASView for direct, semi-autonomous or autonomous control

Communications - Radio/satellite

Solar panel system - 10 high efficiency panels generating a peak electrical power of 1100W

Diesel generator system - Electric start diesel generator providing a peak charging power of 4.0kW. Can be run continuously for higher speed and payload missions

Wind turbine system - Lightweight three blade system generating a peak output power of 500W.

Sensor options - ASV 360 VIR camera, Keel mounted sensors, CTD lowed by winch, meteorological sensors, ADCP, MBES, side-scan sonar, PAM, acoustic modem, ASW (towed array or dipping), electronic warfare.


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