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Solar energy sector is one the fastest raising sector in India, it is because of the subsidies provided by Government and the interest of the people in green energy. Since the India become a huge market for solar power. Many people start their startup/company in this field.

There are many benefits of Solar power plant which will be relate to any person having interest in installing solar power pant in their home/office/plant.

There are three type of solar power plants as mention below.

  1. ON GRID


  3. & Hybrid

On grid solar power plants as like life insurance with highest return, yes its return is higher than that of any insurance plan. Currently its payback period is Five years after the subsidies avail by govt. It is highly profitable for cities have negotiable power cuts.

Where are OFF -Grid system are profitable for rural areas where power cuts are highest in the country.

And Hybrid system are suitable of the cities with medium power cuts

So here are five tips to start your startup in solar field.


TIP No. 1 : Strong technical Knowledge.

Before starting solar business, you should have all the technical expertise with you. So that you can save your self from re-work. A lack of technical knowledge will lead to you again and again re-work and this will cause you only one thing and i.e loose. A good team for solar business required and good technical person which will help you to complete installation in less time with highest quality of work.

If you searching for a high quality technical consultant, you can write us at and info@solarlitepower for any discussion


TIP No.2 : Proper designing of solar power plant.

Following are the points of consideration for the designing of any solar power plant

  1. Right size of the plant can be determined by estimating average power consumption of the home/office for a day, this can be done by seeking their electricity bills. After estimating average bills simply divide it by 4 (cause solar produce 4 units per day) and multiply it by 0.9 ( cause we don't recommendper solar power plant) and this will give you the correct solar power plant size or you can mail us at and

  2. Shadow mapping (Shadow mapping or shadowing projection is a process by which shadows are added to 3D computer graphics) this will help to design a very high quality solar power plant with highest efficiency.

  3. structure designing, not all of us capable of design structure but some companies which are give you structure, but never forget to ask for the STAAD report (STAAD or (STAAD.Pro) is a structural analysis and design computer program) of the structure.

  4. Designing of electrical circuit and earthing of power plant.

For designing you can write us at and info@solarlitepower


TIP No.3 : Price estimation.

Many people failed to estimate the right price because market is full of misconceptions. But if you can do proper market research (like exchanging mails with different suppliers for the price quotation) you can easily overcome from this situation and can give a competitive price to any person. Remember if you want to sell solar power plants to anyone they will always ask you for subsidies but getting subsidies is another huddle in this business. SOLRALITE POWER can avail you subsidies, you can write us at of for any required information


TIP No. 4 : Marketing

  1. uses your and your friends contact.

  2. Not every client is capable of understanding all type of solar power plants, most of the people can only understand OFF-Grid solar power plant. So if anyone is asking of OFF-GRID solar power plant, just sell them the same don't argue with them.

  3. Always connect with right person with right amount of money for the solar power plant, don't go after people asking for 1kW of solar power plant. If the plant size is below 3kW then it's not profitable.

  4. There is a huge market of OFF-GRID solar power plants, you can sell it to Farm houses, rural area and industries with high power cuts.

  5. Always try to connect with more and more numbers of people cause the ear to ear marketing is still more powerful than any marketing tools


TIP No. 5 : Find right mentor.

Right mentor is the key of any startup, without mentor success is more difficult than you can imagine. A right mentor will lead you to right way with right knowledge. Here in solarlitpower are willing to young talent and old market experts you can utilises you contacts to develope a new sector of earing for you.


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