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Are you thinking about introducing into the solar industry? An awesome tip to enter into the solar industry.


So you're thinking of starting a business in the solar industry.



Hopefully this is the start of an exciting new venture in your life that you'll look back on years from now as the best decision you ever made.

On this page, you'll find the first most important information you need to know about how to start your own solar business.




The Solar industry is one of the fastest growing industry in India

As per the market movement, India will become third biggest solar market in the world and as the industry grows opportunities will grow too. Every year the power requirement of big cities with negligible power cuts, increase by 20 percent. Thus, in my opinion solar industry should not face a downward trend for next 10 years.

Also in coming years we will witness a new market of electric cars in India, and this will also increase in power requirement and increase in power requirement will increase in opportunities in India solar industry.



Before stepping into the solar business, you need to learn from basic of solar to the advance of solar.

But you can't learn everything about solar from a single post/blog. Even it's hard for us to give you the best of the details of the solar business in one single post. And if you are trying to search details about solar power system, it will always be a headache for you to re-search the same again and again, if you forget something.

So what we are planning to do, is to make a series of posts/blog that will help you to learn about the solar business before entering into it.

In the next five days you will start getting these details and with each detail you will learn about this business more clearly i.e. from intro to site survey and from site survey to plant estimation.

Follow these steps to make sure that you won't miss any post and qualified yourself for the solar business.


Follow us on Facebook. To do this just click on the above link to our page and follow our Facebook page for updates.


It is a simple step, but in between a large number of news feeds in your Facebook account, you will probably miss some the posts also searching the same will become a headache for you. So need to take the next step.


Add this number in your phone book by the name of "Solar broadcast".
+91 9013584383




WhatsApp this text "Start solar broadcast" on above mentioned number.

Or you can simply text "Hi" and we will add you to our solar broadcast.



And NOW Pin this number in your WhatsApp app.


After 2-3 days you will start getting posts like this.



And we will give some time to you before sending new post so that you can have time to read and learn from the every post.


Once you start getting these posts, your WhatsApp will become your ultimate solar handbook.

So if you like this method of learning and earning then simply PLAY the following Video


Benefits of Solar Broadcasting

  1. In case you forget something you can easily search from these posts.

  2. You will always find them on top of your WhatsApp feed also you can easily forward it to your friends or clients for their better understanding.

  3. We will keep updating the same blog with new feeds. So you wont get confused

Once you have completed these activities, you will have all of the most important bases covered. Keep in mind that success doesn't happen overnight. But use the plan you've created to consistently work on your business, and you will increase your chances of success


So don't forget to save this number

+91 9013584383

And start your solar broadcasting today



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