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Zero Export Device

When installing a grid connect solar power system you must have the approval of your local lines company. On several occasions in India, people wanting to install a grid connect solar power system on their homes have been denied by their local lines company. This is mainly due to the lines companies being concerned about being unable to manage the additional load on their network.
Also in several areas of India, peoples are partially or fully depend on their DG SET due to high numbers of power cuts and connecting Solar Power system with their DG SET's lead to another issue of reverse power feed to DG SET .
If a Solar Power Plant is connected/working with DG SET and the power consumption of connected Load is lower than the power generated by solar power plant, then the excess of power generated by solar power plant will reverse back to DG SET and this will lead to permanent damage of DG SET.
A solution to these problems is Zero Export device will enable solar system owners & operators to limit the amount of solar power that their systems export to the electricity grid or DG SET.
There is a range of inverters that are compatible with the ZED family of devices and can manage Solar PV production and deliver Zero Export.
Export limitation means that the amount of solar energy in the system is controlled by adjusting the set point of the inverters in the system. The integrated power analyzer measures the total power at the point of coupling and compares this with the adjustable set point of the controller. When the consumption from the grid or DG SET is above this set point, the solar energy will be increased, when the consumption is below this set point, the solar energy will be reduced.
The ZERO EXPORT DEVICE is available as a single or three phase device and accepts also with different types of inverters and manufactures. The ZERO EXPORT DEVICE combines a power analyzer, data logger and controller into one device. By linking three devices in one, developed a new generation of single component solution. At any time, the ZERO EXPORT prevents the solar system from feeding in to the grid and DG SET.

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