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Right investment plan (SS+RD) > FD

There are two type of Good investors One who know, what is happening and the Second who know how to change the happening. The right investment plan (SS+RD) > FD states that reduce your expenses and invest that saving in the most safe plans.

There are many investment plans available in market but most popular and safe are FD & RD. But many a time’s investors get confused whether to invest in a fixed deposit or a recurring deposit for their investment objectives. The attraction for both these instruments is the fixed returns with safety of money invested. But when you compare the two, a fixed deposit scores higher than a recurring deposit.

But, if I told you that as compare to Fixed deposit you can increase your profit upto 1.3 times at the end of the period of your investment.

The magical formula of getting higher profits on investing in Recurring deposit is (SS+RD) > FD

SS is a term called Solar Deposit developed by M/s Soralitepower. As you already know that Recurring Deposit is a special kind of Term Deposit offered by banks in India which help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month into their Recurring Deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable to Fixed Deposits

And Solar Saving is the saving that you can made on your electricity bills by installing solar power plant on your rooftops.

The purpose of the Right investment plan is simple, rather than depositing your money in Fixed deposits you can invest that amount on installing Solar Power Plant on you Rooftop and invest the saving you made on your electricity bills on Recurring Deposit.

And the best part of this investment plan is that as the price of power unit increase your profit will increase too.


What exactly the right situation for investing in this investment plan?

After months of studies what we came up with is that, if currently you are paying 7000 rs or more on your electricity bills and you have an amount of 5000 or more and you have 160,000 rs to invest is FD then this investment plan is good you. These are the minimum values that we are referring for minimum economical investment in Right investment plan.


How much savings can be made on installing solar power plant?

The Average power generated by Solar Power Plant in India, per day is 4 Unit per day.

So power generated by 3kW of Solar power plant for a year will be 3x4x365= 4,380 Units per year.

And the price per unit per unit in India is 8 rs (if you are consuming more than 800 units per month)

So Annual saving on a 3kW solar power plant will be 8x4,380 = 35,040 rs per year of 2920 per month.

And now you can make investment of 2920 per month on RD (Recurring Deposit)


What could be the outcome of this investment plan?

If you deposit 160,000 Rs in a Fixed deposit (FD) at interest rate of 8.25% then after ten years your investment will become 362,050 Rs.

And If you deposit 2,900 Rs per month in Recurring Deposit (RD) at interest rate of 6.5% for next ten years then after ten years your investment will become 490,065 Rs


Please refer below links to calculate the returns on RD & FD by your own


Now if compare the Right investment plan (SS+RD) > FD with Fixed Deposit, then some interesting facts will come.

A. The Profit of Right investment plan is 1.3 times higher than that if Fixed-deposit.

B. Right investment plan helps to reduce carbon emissions.

C. In future interest rate in FD may reduce but price per unit of electricity will definitely increase.


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