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Mobil-watt- free moving solar energy system


Ecosunexpert is a France based Solar company, which developed a portable solar power plant, that can be carry is a container called Mobil-watt.

As a self -contained mobile container, Mobil-Watt is a plug-in photovoltaic stand-alone system that can be used in just two hours.

Mobil-watt, off-grid and floating container, provides power to villages, humanitarian operations, military operations, ecotourism, but also agricultural or mining activities.

As it is off-grid, pre-installed and pre-wired, Mobil-watt covers the energy needs of remote areas when there is no connection to the mains, but also covers on-the-spot needs (mobile operations for example).

Easy to use, around one hour is enough to mount the Mobil-Watt container to start generating electricity without the need for specialist staff.

Watch Mobil-Watt in action

Less maintenance, no fuel costs, no noise and odor nuisance, free and renewable energy - these are the strengths of this innovation.

After 3 years of development and the testing of several prototypes worldwide under real conditions, the market launch started in May 2016.

Mobil-Watt offers a modular and adaptable offer according to the energy needs, as the proposed outputs range from 5 to 50 kWp.

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