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Get 30% more solar energy

Get 30% more solar energy and filtered water with this revolutionary solar tracker

SunSaluter, Inc is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States with staff in India and deployments in 19 countries. It is also the name of the flagship technology which the organization developed.

The SunSaluter is a solar panel rotator designed for the developing world. Using only the power of gravity and water, the SunSaluter enables a solar panel to follow the sun throughout the day, boosting efficiency by 30% and producing four liters of clean drinking water. It is 30 times less expensive than conventional motorized solar panel rotators, much more reliable, and consumes no electricity itself.

SunSaluters optimizes the power output of solar photovoltaic panels using calibrated weight displacement (usually transfer of water from one container into another) to slowly rotate a solar panel to face the sun as it moves across the sky, substantially increasing the panel’s power output. SunSaluter received a patent for the technology in March 2016 for integrating water filtration into the passive solar rotation design.


The technology piloted by SunSaluter was invented by Eden Full Goh in 2008 and was initially under development by Full’s company, Roseicollis Technologies, based in Canada. In 2011, Full Goh received a Thiel Fellowship for US$100,000 to develop her passive solar tracker concept, before continuing its development while an engineering student at Princeton University.

SunSaluter was incorporated in 2013, and operates with a volunteer Board of Directors and small staff. By 2013, SunSaluter had pilot projects in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and sales in Malawi, India, Indonesia, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.


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